Spa & Kids Specials

Pampering & Children’s Paradise at Bleiwanghof in Salzburger Land


Both children and parents enjoy their holiday on the farm in Radstadt. Allow yourself to relax in our very own spa area that includes a Finnish sauna, herbal steam room, and infrared sauna. The warm colors of the wellness oasis will send you into full relaxation. The use of recreational spaces is free in winter and in summer may include a small fee. Your children will have a great time in our playroom or our hobby room. In summer, there is always a lot going on on our playground. Our younger guests especially love the many animals we have here on the farm, who are always happy to meet new friends. Come enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the Bleigwanghof Farm in Radstadt.

Relax & Enjoy in Our In-House Spa

  • Finnish Sauna = 80 – 110 °C
  • Herbal Steam Room = 45 °C
  • Infrared Sauna = 45 – 55 °C with Music
  • Relaxation Room with Starry Sky, Color-Changing Lights & Music

The steam bath is approximately 45 °C. It helps prevent and relieve any pains or problems you may have. The scents and herbs we use have various soothing effects.


  • Eucalyptus: helps fight colds, insomnia and nervousness
  • Peppermint: helps fight flatulence, nausea and has a refreshing effect
  • Lavender: helps with exhaustion and nervousness
  • Lemon Balm: helps with stress and anxiety

Unlike the normal sauna (which is 80° – 110 °C), the Infrared Sauna is only heated to 45°C -55 °C. This is done by infrared emitters that radiate and transport heat deep beneath the skin. The gentle heat of the infrared sauna helps relieve tension and back pain.


The optimal amount of time to relax and sweat in the infrared sauna is approximately 30 minutes. The sauna also plays gentle music to help you relax. Afterwards you can freshen up in our spa showers.


Red is a positive color that encourages and promotes blood movement. It is also the color of life, the glowing sun and fire. It is good for skin diseases, chronic cough and asthma. Red makes the lazy person hardworking.


Yellow is considered a hot color. It aids digestion, strengthens the nerves, excites the stomach and has an exhilarating effect. It also helps with liver disease, kidneys and the bladder. Yellow promotes studying and comprehension in children.


Green, the most represented color in nature, is considered to be a neutral color. Green balances, brings satisfaction and promotes peace. It has a soothing and calming effect. Green light can be used for eye diseases, whooping cough, joint inflammation and diabetes.


Although Blue is referred to as a negative, cold color, it has a cooling, refreshing and analgesic effect. It is the color of peace and infinity. Blue brings stillness, silence and reserve.

Fun & Games for Kids at Bleiwanghof

  • Kids Playroom with a Drawing Station, Slide, Dolls, Duplo, Wooden Trains, Rocking Horse, and much more.
  • Hobby Room with a Billiards Table, Foosball & Ping Pong, Darts,  and the Nail Game
  • Playground with a Trampolin, Swings, Kids Play House, Football Goals, Sand Box, and GoKarts
  • Petting Zoo: Cats, Bunnies, Chili Horse, and Pygmy Goats
  • Bike Rentals (subject to availability)

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